Passionate about old stones and heritage, and after a professional career in france and abroad, our ambition was to use our skills, energy and courage to save a historical heritage in order to restore it and share it with the public by creating a place for visits, culture and exchange.
After visiting many places, we came across the « Château de Thézan » during the winter of 2015.
The magic happened immediately and we were captivated by the charm of the place. The marvellous beauty, the architectural and decorative quality of the historic rooms literally caught our attention.
The garden, although abandoned, suggested a world evoking the elegance and romanticism of the "belle époque".
After long reflections, professional changes, no doubt a helping hand from fate and certainly blindness in the face of the magnitude of the project, we were finally able to acquire the castle in 2019. The responsibility of reviving this jewel of provençal and comtadin heritage, which had unfortunately suffered years of neglect, imposed itself on us.
In view of the urgency, a complete diagnosis established under the direction of Didier Repellin, Chief Architect of Historic Monuments with an international reputation, who has notably restored the « Villa Médicis », Roma, between 1995 and 2013, the "Hôtel-Dieu" in Lyon, and the Antique Theatre in Orange, and with the help of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, made it possible to phase in the necessary work.
The most urgent of these, namely the restoration of the leaking and ruinous roof, was undertaken in succession and lasted almost 2 years. The work was particularly extensive, with almost 1000 m2 of provençal tiles.
At the same time, the park was cleaned, cleared of brush and pruned to restore some of its splendour.
It is through its shaded alleys, punctuated with water beds, vestiges of the french garden, that we are pleased to invite you.
The place is ideal for strolling and daydreaming under the foliage of the age-old trees.
We propose a thematic tour which will allow you to discover the holiday resorts of the nobility of the time, and more recently, of the curists coming to take advantage of the freshness of this natural setting.
As time did not stop in the 19th century, we also wish to continue its evolution and history to anchor it in the present by offering seasonal exhibitions of contemporary artists.
But it is by offering you the opportunity to discover, work after work, the splendid historical rooms, patiently refurnished, and their incredible decor miraculously preserved, that our project will be perfectly successful.

In the meantime, welcome to the castle !

Pierre de BEYTIA & Emmanuel RENOUX